jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

Well, I might have handled that badly........

We've a teacher in my department who's so-so teachingwise. He's not bad, but my head asked me to drop in to watch for something in one of his lessons. He'd asked me Friday, and he had a lesson with the class today so I told him this morning I was going to drop in.

Anyhow, I dropped in. Afterwards, he's gone ballistic, threatening that he'd resign to the boss, saying he'd never had any complaints last year (even if he was observed a lot more than anyone else, which should have set off alarm bells), so why's it all kicking off now?

Part of me's inclined to think he's kicking off because he can, we're short staffed. Maybe I could have handled it better, but my boss say he mentioned it him, the kids are generally good kids, so part of me is thinking "Awww for God's sake, what's the problem really?"
Tags: life, school, work

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