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School Sports Week

One of the weirder things that goes in my school is "School Sports Week." It usually lasts all week, with our associated middle school doing it for 2 days, and our school doing sports for 3.

Its strange for a number of reasons. First, it's at the wrong time of year. We should be gearing up for stuff, and Sports Day makes me feel like we should be winding down, yet we have to go through 2 days of qualification before we have a day of finals.

Second, it's treated as if it's a step down from the Olympics. They parade into the running track behind a girl who announces them. They get lectured at from a podium about the importance of following the rules and "being all that you can be" and after the anthem there are fireworks.

Thirdly, it's the students. They crack me up, they really do. We have the 1500m heats today. Kids we literally collapsing once they crossed the finishing line. I'm not kidding. Collapsing. Now I'm a believer in giving it my best, and "leaving it all on the sports field" if I'm taking part in a sporting event, but they weren't. Trust me, they weren't. The worst offender required 5 of his friends to carry him off the field. Yet 3minutes later he was goofing about with some mates. I mean jeepers, come on.

I asked a colleague about this and he told me that people in China are producing a generation of wimps because of the "one-child policy." To me that makes sense, but I was almost embarrassed to watch it.

Finally, I think it could be better organised. Why not hold all the heats during PE lessons? I asked a teacher this, and she told me that "That's be too hard to organise." A student told me that "That'd mean we had to go to P.E." I suspect there's an element of truth to both answers.



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