jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

Well, that was scary.....

We've had a little bit of a riot here yesterday. They want to build an extension to a local chemical works, and the local Zhenhai residents marched on the government offices in Ningbo (because they're worried about pollution). On their way home, bricks were thrown, windows were damaged, and by all accounts tear gas was released. That all happened because no one judged the scale of the protects.

Now if you ask me, it wasn't really a riot, just some p****d off local resident, so I'm not really scared of that, even if I suspect that under the surface there might be some anti-foreigner sentiment. What scared me a little was the army's response.

I went into Ningbo today, and the police and army (if you can believe that) stopped anybody in cars getting back into Zhenhai on their return. Now the Chinese are never communistic. They never have been at heart, and never will be. They're always on the look out to make a buck, and so rickshaw riders were picking any who couldn't get in by car.

As the guy peddled me home, I can honestly say, I've never seen so many damn policemen and army officers in my life, and they looked pissed. That's what was scary.
Tags: china, dictatorship, life

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