jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

Is Bank of America incompetent?

I bank with Bank of America and the longer I'm with them, the more convinced I am that their customer service is pretty poor.

I have been having problems with my credit card since I got it. Most recently, it seems to have got selectively demagnatized, so when I buy stuff, the shop assisstant sometimes has to type in the numbers on the card. I phoned up about a replacement card and they told me they'd send one out but to carry on using the one I had for the time being. I was to just destroy the one I'd got when my new one arrived.

So that's what I did. I kept using it. The only problem was that after a while they decided to cancel my card without telling me. So there I was in the middle of last night, in the middle of rural(ish) Palo Pinto county and my car was running out of petrol. So I pull in to fill the car up. The pump doesn't take my card, so I go inside and they say not to worry, they'll hold onto my card and swipe it when I come back in.

I went back in, and it wouldn't swipe for them either. I'd've probably died of embarassment had I not had just enough money to pay the bill. I was flat broke after though. I had not one cent on me, and that irritates me. Who's fault is it? Bank of America's of course.

I called them up today and asked them what happened. They said they thought someone was being over officious in cancelling it early. So blargh. If I end up living over here for any length of time, I'm definitely changing banks and I'd recomend that everyone else does too.

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