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I went to see "Casino Royale"

I went to see the Daniel Craig Bond film "Casino Royale" today. It wasn't a bad movie, but it was a little darker than the Brosnan films which I didn't particularly like.

The film focuses on how Bond became a "Double-O" i.e. an updated first case. He has to go to a casino in Montenegro to win money from a backer of terrorism. The theory being that if they can bankrupt the guy he's more likely to talk.

All in all it wasn't a bad film, but I rather suspect the franchise is becoming a more standard spy thriller type film, especially after the reduction in Bond's dry humour for most of the film. In addition, I know he's getting rave reviews, but I'm still not sure about Craig. He's not as good at Brosnan and Connery, but he might grow into the role.

The film also depressed me a little. I go to Poland a lot. I've been every year since the Iron Curtain came down and this year'll be the first time I've not been in years. I know that Montenegro isn't Poland but seeing it makes me sentimental about the place.
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