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I went to see "Bobby" this evening.

I went to see the film "Bobby" this evening. It stars a multitude of actors from a variety to different age groups (everyone from Martin Sheen to Lindsay Lohan is in it) and is about the day that Bobby Kennedy won the 1968 California Democratic primary and his subsequent shooting. It was shot on location at the hotel he was shot, just before it was torn down.

It contrasts what Kennedy was saying at the time (using archive footage, not an actor) which a bunch of different stories at the hotel. These stories focus on race, the Vietnam War and how the US was changing at the time.

It was a decent enough film, if a little ernest (suggesting that Kennedy might've been the answer to the countries ills). My biggest problem has been the contrast between the the publicly liberal and the private (other) personas the Kennedy's had. Don't get me wrong I understand that politicians have to project a certain persona to get elected, but I'm still somewhat suspicious of the Kennedys, who (despite their obvious flaws) would be headed to some sort of sainthood if it could be bestowed by some elements of the US population.
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