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I went to see "Sleeping Dogs Lie" yesterday

I went to see "Sleeping Dogs Lie" this evening. It wasn't a bad film, but was a bit strange.

It's about a couple who have just got engaged. After their engagement, they do the whole "Tell me your deepest darkest secret" thing that some film couples do (which is something I've never got, I was never too sure I wanted to know some things about Angie's past, it's the future that's important if you ask me). The only problem is that the woman's deepest darkest secret was pretty disgusting and when she tells her boyfriend, he's disgusted and her world falls apart.

It was a strange little film. I'd say a couple of things about it. Firstly it looked like it had been made with a pretty dire camera, almost as if it was a tv film that had been expanded to fit on a film screen. The edges sort of bled into one another a little too much.

Secondly, people walked out of the cinema during the film. That's something I've never understood. Both this and the Borat film had pretty disgusting elements to them and both had people walk out of them. Anyone who knew anything about this films knew that there might be some pretty disgusting elements to them, so why'd they go in the first place?
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