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I finally finished "Predator" by Patricia Cornwall

I finally finished "Predator" by Patricia Cornwall today and gosh darn if that wasn't a hard book to finish.

It's about Kay Scarpetta (a former Virginia pathologist) and her merry band of sidekicks (an FBI officer, a brainiac computer nerd niece, and a former local cop) and it just about irritated me as much as a book can.

Cornwall has a tendency to pitch Sarpetta against the world and make the chaos in her life an element of the story. In addition, there always seems to be someone trying to do her down. This time it's a work colleague (I'm not giving too much away, honest, you find out inside 80pgs). It's that that irritates me about the book. There's always someone who's "out to get here" in some cunning way, and it's always because Scarpetta is so damn good at her job.

In my experience I've never known anyone like that. I might think someone who claims to be good at their job is a brown noser, but I can't imagine anyone deliberately sabotaging someone else's career. Yet in 6 or 7 books by Cornwall, it's happened to Scarpetta.

Couple this with the fact that there's almost too much back story to the books these days and I'm tempted to say "Enough already Cornwall, you've put me off murder-mysteries for a while." The question is, what type of book do I read instead? I'm not much of a fan of novels where nothing much happens.
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