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I went to see "Turista"

I went to see the film Turista (which stars the guy from the Las Vegas James Caan casino TV show) today, and something weird is happening to our local cinemas.

The film was a bit daft (ok, more than a bit). It saw a group of international tourists being kidnapped in Brazil and having wicked things done to them by a Brazilian doctor (as some form of divine retribution for being jackasses in his country).

That's what I don't get about some foreigners. I know I'm foreign, but laughing at local customs (and assuming that the locals actually like me) isn't something that I particularly like in people.

In short, the whole film is a bit daft, I know, but if you like that sort of cheesy stuff, you might like this film.

On the subject of the local cinemas, there were 3 multiplexes here 6 months ago. One of them closed 3 months ago, another has been taken over and is going through a whole bunch of growing pains (it wouldn't surprise me i it closed) and I was told the 3rd was going to close to be given an overhaul in the new year.

I guess I could go into Downtown to see a film, but if you thought suburban cinemas where expensive, you should go to the two in Downtown.
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