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I'm a little ticked

I'm a little ticked. I go to church, so I guess that to an extent I'm religious, but when compared to the ostentatious religion of those in Texas, I guess it could be said I don't stand out. In fact I get the "Ahhh there there there" bit from the religious here quite a bit.

That doesn't really bother me because I always maintain that you get a better sense of what someone's like when they feel superior to you in some way (the effective converters, I always maintain, don't do the "Ahh bless a non-believer" attitude and then try convert you -they convert you by being good themselves).

Well my room mate came all holier than thou today and started explaining the Easter story to me. Now I'm Catholic and if there's two things priests bang on about it's Christmas and Easter, so I know those stories pretty well. Maybe I was a bit direct, but I told John I knew the Easter story, at which point he got all huffy and walked off.

So I'm a little ticked. I act unknowledgable sometimes to find out what people know, but I get irritated when people mistake acting unknowledgable for being dumb. I'm not one of those people who knows a lot about a lot or even an enormous about one thing. I am a good generalist, however. I can hold sensible discussions with people (and seem knowledgable) about politics, history, religion, science, sport, television, film and music, so when someone talks to me like I'm rising 5, I get a little ticked.
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