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I went to see "Blood Diamond"

I went to see the Leonardo DiCaprio (sp?) Jennifer Connelly film Blood Diamond today. It sees Jennifer Connelly play a reporter writing about the Sierra Leonean civil war and the blood diamonds (illegally bought and sold diamonds) that fund it and DiCaprio play a soldier of fortune involved in the diamond trade.

It isn't a bad film. A local finds a huge diamond but loses his son. He eventually gets involved with DiCaprio and Connelly in an attempt to get his son back.

I've never really got DiCaprio as a sex symbol (but then I'm not gay so why should I?), but in a couple of films this year (this film and The Departed, which came out in October) he's made interesting choices. The characters he plays aren't always the nicest guys, which is interesting for a leading man actor in Hollywood.

The film is pretty standard race against time and the authorities set in a striking country. The biggest problem with the film is that it's a bit preachy, reminding us that blood diamonds are wrong on a regular basis, so be prepared to sit through that.

Incidentally, this film is rated R, and you can see why, a couple of the scenes remind us why the rebels aren't the nicest people in the world.

Finally I'd like to say a couple of things. The Connelly character had the same name and "moral zeal" as one of my sisters which is something I got a kick out of. Secondly, in one of the scenes in Freetown, you see a very old Morris Ital (a very old British Leyland car made in the 1970s). I drove one for the first 10yrs after I learned how to drive, so seeing one still on the road was something I enjoyed.
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