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Have you ever had one of those argument?

Have you ever had one of those arguments where you're discussing something with someone and you can suddenly see them internally sticking their fingers in their ears and start thinking "La la la la la I'm not listening any more?"

Well that happened to me today with one of my lecturers. I made the point that science has to have an ethical element, when ever it deals with humans or animals. Her argument was that science is purely mechanical and the ethics of whether you should do something occurs independently of the "scientific bit," and so shouldn't be considered scientific.

When I tried to make the point that because science and ethics go hand in hand, the ethics is an element of science in the "science of living subjects," I could see her mentally starting to ignore me. She then said "You couldn't be more wrong," but refused to explain why or continue the discussion further, so I don't know what to think at the moment.
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