October 11th, 2006

Why did they get rid of Smart Media cards?

I won a digital camera in a raffle years ago now and I like taking photos with it. I'm not all that good at photography but whenever I go somewhere I like to take photos that remind me of the place and what I thought of the place.

When I won the camera I got a 16MB and a 32MB card with it. That's enough when I go away for the weekend but I'm going somewhere for a week soon, so I thought it'd be nice to get a bigger card. I went into all the local chain stores and asked for a Smart Media card, only to be told that they'd been discontinued years ago, so at the moment I'm more than a little ticked off.

If I were better at it, I'd probably buy a better camera, but I can't really see the point given I'm never going to be all that good at it.