November 6th, 2006

Ok, I'm confused

Now that I've all but in name graduated, I've started looking for jobs. I don't expect to get every job I apply for, or even get interviewed for most, but when it's palpably flipping obvious I'm a good match for a place, I expect to get to the phone screening shortlist phase.

I applied for a job recently at an organization that wanted the potential future employee to be able to collect, colate, manipulate and present data in education. Given that I've got not one but two degrees that involve me collecting, colating, manipulating and presenting educational data in the exact field they were after, I assumed that somebody, somewhere would say 'Hello, he looks interesting' and at least make an effort to find out more.

But no that's too much to ask isn't it? I would swear at this stage, but I'm too polite.
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