December 8th, 2006

Do you know what really irritates me at the moment?

Do you know what really irritates me at the moment? People who don't make an effort when other people are relying on you. Don't get me wrong I'm not perfect, but I still get hacked off by people who don't try.

I'm in the process of completing my doctorate. In fact, I've got one class left before I graduate and re-enter the world of work. The very last thing I have to do in this class is hand in a group project. Now I just so happen to be working with two people who are new to research work. Couple this with the fact that they seem to think that doing enough not to fail is ok and I have spent the last 3 months effectively saying "We can do better, trust me" to them a lot and it's driving me mad.

I don't like having to play the role of grumpy, naggy old fart but time and again, I've got my fingerprints all over this project because I want to as well as possible in everything I do. I know that that's kind of anal of me but it's something I'm not sure I can let go of now.

I went to see "Candy"

I went to see the Heath Ledger film Candy this evening and I don't know why I ever go to see that sort of film.

It's about a girl who's been dabbling with drugs but who becomes a heavy duty user when she starts dating Ledger's character.

I didn't like the film for a number of reasons. First I have a real issue with drugs. Don't get me wrong, I think booze and weed are now culturally acceptable, but I don't like them. The way they affect my sister (who's now clean) didn't help, but I'm fundamentally opposed to them because of the loss of control (and inhibitions) they seem to cause. Get high to your hearts content, just don't do anything after that impacts other people negatively. I don't like some tourists for the same reason. They seem to think it's appropriate to act like Muppets.

Secondly, I don't think the film portrayed drugs negatively enough. Anybody who saw Trainspotting knows that drugs can be unpleasant sometimes, but other than heavy sweating and under eye bags it didn't look too disgusting. I know something sad happened in the film, but that was only indirectly related to the drugs.

Finally their bodies didn't seem to change at all (other than the bags). You hear these stories of weight loss etc, but with them, nothing seemed to happen. I know it's a film and I'm not asking them to do what Christian Bale did in The Machinist (now that was a good film), but the went convincing all the same