January 12th, 2007

I went to see "Freedom Writers" today.

I went to see "Freedom Writers" today, and it actually wasn't all that bad. It starred Hillary Swank as a teacher who goes into your typical "rough high school" and reaches the kids she teaches with the diaries she get them to write about their lives.

The film has been criticized because it's another example of "a 'Great White Savior' going into a 'Ghetto School' to save the kids" (a la Michelle Pfeifer and a number of other films of that sort). There is an element of truth to that argument about the film. Against this I would argue that it's been said there are only seven story-lines anyway and all we're doing is telling them in different ways anyway. Sure it's not "high art," but equally it's a decently acted film that can act as mental candy floss for a couple of hours on a Friday or Saturday night and that's what most people want from a movie most of the time anyway.