January 29th, 2007

Barbero Put Down.

They killed Barbero today. Don't get me wrong it's sad but if it had been any other horse, it'd've been done months ago. The odd thing about Barbaro was that I was listening to KERA yesterday and they were saying how well he was doing.

On a related note, one of the things I don't understand is why they use "Euthanize" as a verb in the US. In England it's "put down" and the word "euthanize" really grates.  It has the same effect as "winningest" as a way to describe a successful coach. Whenever I hear the phrase "winningest coach" I just want to yell "Winningest isn't a word." Other words that grate when I see (or hear) them include America's unwillingness to go metric when everyone else has, and words like fiber, kilometer, centimeter, suspenders (in England they're the things that hold stockings up, so when I hear a "captain of industry" wears them I tend to think he's a dirty of man), herb (there's a h in there guys). There are more but like anything when you try and remember them you can't.

Incidentally, guys, Livejournal doesn't like "winningest" either.