May 24th, 2007

Day 45: Oh good grief what's schooling coming to?

I flew back to Dallas yeterday to sort out a ew things, and flew back to Cleveland today. While I was flying back I was doing the crossword in the back of the in-flight magazine and the girl who was sitting mext to me was doing it too.

One of the clues was President during the 1980s (the answer was Ron). When this girl came to that clue, she turned to me and asked if FDR was president in the 1980s. Later she would ask what words like extinguish meant.

No offence to her, she was clearly a bright girl (she was telling me she'd just graduated from university), but I don't think that she's all that well read. It made me think that students are taught to the test pretty well, but that doesn't mean that they have the sort of knowledge that makes them a fully rounded individual.

It was funny, as we were disembarking, the guy sitting on the other side of me said "Thank goodness she was pretty because I'm not entirely sure she's the shartpest knife in the draw."