May 30th, 2007

I went to see "Vacancy" today.

I went to see the Kate Bekinsale, Luke Wilson film "Vacancy" today. It's a horror film about a married couple who are going through marital difficulties (aren't they always in this sort of horror film?) whose car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. They find a cheep, rundown, hotel, at which point they are stalked by 3 loons who terrorize them though the night.

It was a daft film and anyone who's seen any film like this before will know (broadly) what'll happen next at any given stage in the film, but if you like cheesy horror movies (and I have to admit I do), you'll like this film.

The oddest thing for me about the film was Kate Bekinsale. She was on a lot of tv in England before she "cracked America," and always played the sort of "posh nurse from the 1940s who's just waiting for the right man to come along," or the sister (or best friend) of woman some BBC costume drama. I'm so used to seeing her that way now that it's weird when she plays anyone else.