March 4th, 2008

I went to see "Away From Her" today.

I went to see "Away From Her," with Julie Christie, Duncan Pinsent and Olympia Dukakis yesterday, and blow me if that wasn't depressing.

In the film Julie Christie is diagnozed with early onset Alzheimer's (she's 62) and she and her husband (Pinsent) have to deal with the consequences of her slowly losing her memory and, subsequently, the rest of her mind (as an example, she becomes infatuated with another resident of the home).

The film was well written, acted and directed but was beyond depressing in many ways (we spend almost 2hrs watching someone disintegrate) and made me decide that I'm going to kill myself if I'm compus mentis enough to do it after a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.

This brings me to my two big grumbles of the piece. The first is that Christie doesn't really lose it physically during the film. Shes a fit and perky 60yo at the start of the film and (physically at least) she's a fit and perky 60yo at the end. The only concession to there change is that she doesn't comb her hair (even though her make-up's still flawless). I found that a little hard to believe.

The other thing is that she sort of snaps out of it at the end to give Pinsent a bit of a pep-talk. I've talked to some doctors (well my folks) and they found that a little hard to believe.

Incidentally I thought that Pinsent, as the stoic husband, deserved the oscar nomination, but they always seem to nominate those who are more obviously 'working for their are," like Christie