March 12th, 2008

I finished 'Relentless' by Simon Kernick today.

I finished 'Relentless' by Simon Kernick today and I'm really not sure about it. .The premise is that a man receives a call from a good friend, only to hear him die on the end of the line and effectively learn that he's going to be next. He has to work out what the dickens is going on before the baddies get to him.

Fair enough you might think, and I have to admit that the idea is clever. But the execution is less effective. We have three narratives going on at once, the target, the killers and the police and the author jumps from on to the other, a lot. This is a problem because just when you're getting into a particular character, you jump to another and you have to read another 20 to 30 pages of stuff about people you don't care for to get back tot the storyline that most interests you.

In addition, it has the feel of something that's been written for television. Every time you're about to leave a character, there's a hook that makes you read till the next time a character arrives. This is fine at first, but after a while you start thinking 'Enough already with the hooks.'

So, in short, it's ok, but nothing marvelous
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