January 14th, 2010

I finished "The Hidden Assassins" by Robert Wilson

In this book, Javier Falcon, a senior investigator in a Spanish provincial town (Seville) has to investigate an explosion that demolished a block of flats in an area of the city that has racial tensions. The investigation is challenged from the start because there's a Mosque at the bottom of the block. Consequently, the investigation immediately focuses on the Muslims who worship there. Were they constructing the bomb? Were they set up to look like they were up to something? Were they the target? Were they part of a bigger conspiracy? If so, with whom? All of these questions are answered by the end of the book.

As you can tell from my introduction, the investigation leads Falcon in a number of different directions. It involves the American and Spanish secret services, and Falcon's Muslim and Arabic friends. It also see Falcon develop a love interest, and a married couple have a rather sordid set of goings on (for no apparent reason that really advanced the story, so far as I could tell).

The different strands are all woven together rather neatly by the end. The problem is it took a while to get there. Don't get me wrong, I mostly liked the journey, but did we really need the love interest? Probably not. Did we need the married couple's sordid goings on? Not really, and I rather suspect that the book would have been tighter for them not being there.