July 13th, 2010

It's not often I get angry, but....

It's not often I get angry, but I am kind of angry about this French veil banning move. I really can't see any benefit to it if I'm honest with you.

I mean what'll it achieve? 2000 French women will feel uncomfy (to a greater or lesser extent). A whole bunch of religious fundamentalists will have their fears about the west confirmed. And for what? To keep a bunch of ignorant Muppets happy.

Education is the answer to this problem. If France can encourage people to feel that men won't have "impure thoughts" just because we see their face, the number of people who wear a Hijab will plummet. That'd be the right way, but will people do it? Will they heck because that way's the hard way. It'd take longer, and like most politicians, Nicholas Sarkosy wants results yesterday.