September 19th, 2010

Why don't some people use the good sense they're born with?

Why don't some people use the good sense they're born with? I ask because I went to the department toilets today, only to find they're blocked with man-do, for want of a better description. This discovery ended up with me being chased out of the toilet by a slurry of flowing excrement, the production of which was entirely the result of the actions colleague, as I shall soon explain.

I went to the toilet and made my discovery this morning. The bowl was full (which is something else I'll never get -why do people leave toilets in that state?), so I went to a Chinese colleague so that he could call the caretaker to get the area unplugged.

I told him that he better not flush it, but even if I hadn't, the fact that he subsequently flushed it does beggar the question "What did he think he'd happen to all the water after the flush?"

Don't get me wrong, I'm generally a nice person, but that sort of thing really pisses me off. I may have a certain "knock about humour" about me but I've 3 graduate degrees. I'm not stupid. When I make a suggestion about something, there's a reasonable I'm going to be right. So when he walked up to the toilet looked at me, said I was right, that it was blocked, and promptly flush it, I wanted to yell at him "Are you a bloody idiot?" as it started to overflow.

I mean the guy has some sort of over inflated view of himself (or the Chinese people in general), or thinks I'm a damn fool because even a blind man could see the water had nowhere to go.