June 21st, 2011

Chinese Propaganda

You might think that I'd become less aware of Chinese propaganda, the longer I lived here, but if anything I'm becoming more aware of it if I'm honest.

Take the state run television (CCTV) for example. They were showing a programme about the Chinese film industry and cinema going, asking people what their favourite films were. Time and again, their favourites were communist puff pieces about the worthiness of the common man, or things that showed the "impassioned leadership" of the party.

When asked to name their favourite foreign film, we're expected to believe that the favourites of the 20 something crowd were films like Gone with the Wind.

I mean come on. What planet do they think we're born on? Who answers "Dear, I'd like to go and see a communist propaganda piece" when they're asked what film they'd like to see by their wife?