July 28th, 2011

I went to see "Transformers 3" today.

I went to see "Transformers 3" today. Could there ever be a dumber film? If you haven't seen it but saw either of the first 2, you won't be missing much if you don't go and see this film. Bad robots (who can turn into cars), rid the world of the good robots. They then attempt to take over the world, and enslave humans (with the help of a useful Earthling). The good robots then sneak back and beat the baddies again.

You'd think the baddies would get the message wouldn't you? They lost in the first film. They lost in the second. They've now lost in the third, and still aren't getting the message. I don't think they'll get the message either until hormonal teenage boys stop going to see things getting blown up (or girls is short skirts).

The one good thing about the film is that Megan Fox (half the reason why hormonal boys watched the first 2 films) isn't in this film, and the girl they've replaced her with is beyond wooden. Pretty enough, but not the greatest actress in the world. Hopefully that'll keep enough of the hormonal boys away from the next Transformers film to kill the franchise.