November 9th, 2011

And while I'm at it...

Can someone explain to me how it's possible for the kids to look so exhausted after a race? I mean, at most they've run half a mile, it's not bloody like they've given Haile Gebrselassie or Wilson Kipketer a run for their money.

I swear, after each of the damn races, we had boys and girls collapsing in heaps, unable to walk, requiring aid from their friends, and being massaged. I mean come on, get over yourselves.

The other thing is that we had the Chinese equivalent of the St. John Ambulence here (a guy with a hat, smoking away, claiming to be doctor).

It was a bit of luck he was there too, because I have never seen so many damn kids fall over while they're running. They have to do exercises, and they clearly aren't working, becaause 1 race in 4 had a faller.

The doctor was worse than bloody useless though. He told one kid he had a dislocated face and might need some time off school. Eyeball or nose I could understand, but face? Come on, it was just a bloody scratch. Give him a plaster and send him packing.