March 18th, 2012

Another of the things that irritate me is....

People who tell you to be yourself. Do you know how dumb that really is if you really think about it? I mean I get what people are getting at. Don't bend yourself out of shape when you do something. But be yourself? That has to be just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life.

Life's a team sport. You've GOT TO bend to fit in. You just can't say "I'm going to be me. More than me being happy exactly as I am, I'm BEING ME." Sounds stupid right? Yet that's exactly when people are really saying when they tell you to be yourself.

And while I'm at it, some people might say that that isn't what it means. I'm sorry, but it is. Unless you become some hunting-fishing-redneck-backwoodsman-cum-hermit, you've got to bend. That's the nature of life. To get along with people, you've got to bend some.

Anyway vent over.