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I went to see "Black Christmas"

To my mind there are two types on horror movie, movies that tell stories but which contain, at least in part, some horror elements, and movies that go all out for gore. "Black Christmas" falls very much into the latter category. This needn't be a bad thing. There are some "all out gore-fests" that are enjoyable. Most, however, are pretty dire and really shouldn't've been made. "Black Christmas" falls very much into that category.

I'm not going to mention a plot line that was so thin as to be non-existent (lunatic breaks out of mental institution to go home for Christmas), directing and acting that was just "posted in for the pay check" or the fact that none of the main characters were all that likable. I will say that the film was little more than a rehash of a bunch of ideas that had been thoroughly "warmed through" in the 1970s. Trust me when I say that the $7 you might have spent would be better spent on almost anything (and I mean anything) else.

The only good thing about the movie is that they person you expect to live till the end (Michelle Tractenberg off the Buffy tv show) fails to make it. Even that plot point is becoming, however, a bit over used.
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