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I really don't understand the "Presidential Speech to the Nation" thing.

I was watching the television this evening and I can honestly say that I don't understand the whole "Presidential Speech to the Nation" thing. Don't get me wrong, what George Bush had to say was important, but in England it would have been carried by one or two networks (rather than the 8 that I found it on here, it would have been a press conference rather than a one sided explanation of what the President wanted to do, and the press wouldn't have been prepared to carry it unquestioningly in the UK.

I think that that is one of the fundamental differences between the US and the UK. People tell me that the US is less class oriented than the UK, and I probably agree with them. As a teacher I would say that the class elements of education are more obvious in the UK, as an example. That having been said, I honestly think that the Brits question authority more.

In the UK, you have question time in Parliament. There the Prime Minister and people who run major departments are questioned for half an hour each week about what they have been doing. It isn't just the party in charge who gets to answer questions. Every party in parliament has the chance to answer questions and the time is divided equally between those in charge and those who aren't. This is something that people comment on when they talk to me over here about it. They're stunned sometimes about the vehemence of the questions.

I don't think that the Brits just question their "political leaders" more either. I've just spent the last 3.5yrs (and a considerable sum of money) in university classrooms here. I had people tell me that they liked me "intellectually challenging" the teachers, but that sometimes I was "a few steps beyond" where they were and they wished I "would stop it sometimes." That's how Brits are I'm afraid. If they don't get things, they ask. It drove me nuts here if I'm honest. I was thought to be rude on occasions I think (or at the very least that I've overstepped some line in the sand that Americans naturally knew was there). I got equally mad at others, however, because they were paying a barel load of money for things they didn't entirely get.

I'm sorry, but the more I think about it, the more irritated I get.

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