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I went to see "The Hitcher" today.

Back in the 1980s there was a film called "The Hitcher." It starred Rutger Hauer as a hitch-hiker who got up to no good while taking a ride. I never saw that film but I imagine it was much the same as this one, which starred Sean Bean in the Rutger Hauer role.

In this film, Sean Bean gets picked up by a lovey-dovey college couple getting away on Spring Break (which made me wonder why it was released at this time of year), and proceeds to create mayhem in their lives as they attempt to escape him (which they do three times before the end of the film). As he does this, he comes very close to framing them for a number of murders he commits while stalking them, so the question is not only will they survive but also will they get out from the increasingly watchful eye of the police?

All in all, it was a pretty decent film. I criticized "Black Christmas" a while ago for being a bad film. This had the potential to go the same way. It didn't. It is a really daft film if you think about it, but it was handled in a way that allowed you to forget its weaknesses. The biggest weakness (I think) was Bean. Rutger Hauer didn't come with all the baggage of being the baddie in a bunch of other movies. Bean's been playing baddies for years, which made me wonder why they would trust him (if they'd cast against type or even got someone like Sid Haig it'd've been better -Haig can look so goofy sometimes you can't help but like him even though you know he's up to no good). If you can forget that issue, however, you'll like this film. Trust me on that.

On an unrelated note, while I was going into the cinema, a couple brought their 2 or 3 year old kid into the cinema. If the film had been "Fluffy Bunnies have Playtime." I'd've been ok with it, but who in their right mind brings a child that age into an R-rated movie. To anyone who bitches about them not being able to get a sitter, however, I say this. Don't go out or go and see a kid-friendly movie. This film had a number of graphic deaths and no kid needs to see that.
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