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I finished "Creepers," by David Morrell today.

I finished "Creepers," by David Morrell (the guy who wrote the first Rambo book) today. It's a story about some research students and their history professor who like to investigate long disused buildings to see what they can find in them (and what the buildings can tell them about the past). The only problem is that the building they entered in this book had some deep dark secrets that really shouldn't be released.

I wish I could say "Aha, I've found an author that is so gripping that I will be able to go into a bookstore, buy some books, and read a bunch of them with little thought," but I can't. The book read like it had been written with the idea that the screen-rights could be sold in mind. In addition, I don't think that the author aimed real high either. It's the sort of book that would ultimately make a "straight to DVD movie" and appear on basic cable after dark on something like the Horror or Sci-Fi channel.

All in all, not a good book.

I sometimes wish I could read "better books" sometimes, but I tend to find them somewhat dull and, when I read them, I half suspect that I'm missing some deep and meaningful ideas that the author is trying to convey.
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