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I've finished another book!

Golly, I've finished another book today, "Three to get Deadly." by Janet Evanovich, a book about Stephanie Plum a (spectacularly incompetent on occasions) bounty hunter. Admittedly it isn't a terribly long book with a number of twists and turns, but it certainly rattled along at a cracking pace.

The good thing about this book series is that the character seem to have a definite arc and are developing and evolving from book to book. I'll certainly be reading some more in the series, but not right away, there are times when I suspect that if you read too many books by an author or a book series, you tend to get over used to it and forget why you started reading it in the first place (if that makes since).

Incidentally, I was watching an old Law and Order episode today and they had an 'English Couple' watching the initial crime and it hit me that Americans think the English have a particular way of talking. I don't think anyone in America would have had a conversation like that. The problem is, I don't think the English would have done either (either that or I've been in America too long).
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