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I get irritated by some members of the "anti-war brigade"

I went on the anti war march today in Washington today and I have to  admit I get irritated by some members of the "anti-war brigade."  Don't get me wrong, their heart is in the right place, but anyone who wanders round with signs that say "Bush is a...." is going to put of the people we're trying to convince and damage the anti-war movement.

I don't like George Bush. I wasn't convince by the war and never will be but having derogatory signs will damage the message, inflame passions on the other side and slow progress to a troop withdrawal because it belittles the "other side." You change people's mind by carrying yourself well and demonstrating your arguments are worthy of respect, not because you shout, scream, swear, pitch hissy fits and call people names and I wished people I marched with realized that.

On an unrelated point, I went to the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials after I'd marched a while. If you're interested, the Lincoln Memorial is more popular with tourists, but the Jefferson Memorial was at least as impressive if I'm honest. I didn't realize they were only built less that 100 years ago (Lincoln's was dedicated in 1922, Jefferson's in 1947). I'd always assumed they'd been built soon after each had died. If I'd thought about it though I'd've realized that was wrong because Lincoln's memorial is in a better position I think.

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