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I finished "Lunatic Cafe" by Laurell K Hamilton today.

I finished "Lunatic Cafe" by Laurell K Hamilton today. This book sees her central character, Anita Blake, a vampire hunter-cum-raiser of the dead, investigate why some lycanthrope (werewolf types) are disappearing. The main story is pretty thin so Hamilton's started to work in a love triangle between Blake, a werewolf and a vampire.

I've been warned that the series will turn into a romance. While there wasn't any "Mills and Boone Romance" in this book I think it's heading that way so I think that this'll be the last book of hers I read. I've decided this because of the way she's started describing people. I don't know if women "pulp fiction" writers are different from guy writers, but when you read description by guys you get the facts. With Hamilton, everyone's luscious or pert or gorgeous or sexy or whatever. I'm no prude, but after a while I started thinking "Enough Already!"
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