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I went to see "Astronaut Farmer."

I went to see the Billy Bob Thornton film "Astronaut Farmer" today. It was your typical "little guy pluckily standing up against authority" film. This time the "little guy" is a farmer (and former NASA engineer, which is a bit of luck) who was on the space program but didn't get a chance to get into space. He decides he's going to go anyway, and builds his own rocket, only to raise FBI hackles when he tries to buy rocket fuel.

The film was pretty predictable, but it was notable for a couple of reasons. Firstly the two young girls who plays Thornton's daughters were surprisingly good. They weren't those precocious girl types but seemed more "normal," which were good. The second thing was that there's a really huge star in the film, but he gets absolutely no billing. Not at the start of the film, not on the poster. Nowhere. I wonder why. When he first appeared in the film, my first reaction was "Why's this actor doing an impersonation of...?" So I don't know what to think.
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