jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I went to see "Shooter."

I went to see the Mark Wahlberg film "Shooter" today. It's about a former army sniper (a la the Jake Gyllenhall character in Jarhead) who is set up to look like he attempted to assassinated the President by Danny Glover and Ned Beaty. He escapes and sets out to bring Glover and Beaty down.

All in all it was generally predictable fayre if I'm honest, but I will say a couple of things. Firstly I know that Wahlberg has been acting a while now, but part of me tends to think New Kids on the Block (or whatever band he was in), underpants modeling and George Clooney whenever I see him, and I'm not sure that that's a good thing.

Secondly I've seen Danny Glover in a bunch of films (Silverado, the Lethal Weapon trilogy, Grand Canyon and Saw spring to mind) and I don't know what's happened to him but he seems to have dropped a bunch of weight and thrown his back out. His posture is terrible. Secondly, I don't know if he did it for the part, but whenever he said words with s in it, he sounded like he was speaking through really bad false teeth. I'm sorry Mr. Glover, but you really could do better. 

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