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I went to see "Blades of Glory" today.

I went to see the Will Ferrell, John Heder film today. I'm not sure about comedies that take the mickey out of "earnestness" and "passion for what you're doing" and as result, I'm not sure about this film.

In this film Ferrell and Heder play two figure skaters who get into a fight at a competition (they'd just tied for first place) and are booted out of the sport. They find a loop hole in the rules, however, and get to come back as a couple and compete in the pairs competition. They bond (Heder is the skater who plays by the rules, Ferrell is a sex addict who breaks them). They overcome the odds and, well, you know the rest.

I suspect that if you like Ferrell or Heder you'll like this film. The cinema was full and people laughed at all the moments when Ferrell and Heder were doing their thing.

I'm not sure about this sort of film. I loved films like 'Airplane' or 'The Naked Gun' because the actors give the impression that what was happening was perfectly natural (even if it was stupid). With "Talladega Nights," this film and "The Office" on the television, I get a sense of vindictiveness about the humor. The film is poking fun at the type of person concerned and I'm not sure I like that.

Nearly everyone else in the theater liked it though (or at least seemed to laugh in the right places), so I'm sure I was in the minority. 

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