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I went to see "Hoax."

I went to see the Richard Gere film "Hoax" today. It's a supposed true story about an author (Gere) whose career is struggling and makes up the fact that he has been asked by Howard Hughes, the billionaire recluse and airline owner, to write a book about his life. He hasn't, of course, but this doesn't stop Gere's character from attempting to write the book anyway.

Through his life, Hughes had dealings with politicians (the most famous example being of this the "Spruce Goose" I think), and there is a sub-plot in the film that sees Hughes attempt to leak information about Richard Nixon. The information, we're supposed to believe, lead in part to Watergate being expose. It is supposed to be because of this sub-plot that Gere took the movie (he says there are parallels with big business and politics today).

Personally I think that the sub-plot is laid on a bit too thick and detracts somewhat from what is, otherwise, a thoroughly decent caper movie (will Gere get away with it is what nearly everyone will be thinking). I think it's a bit silly of Gere to claim that the film is anything other than a caper movie if I'm honest.

So all in all, a good movie, but don't believe some of Gere's hyperbole.
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