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Some people must know nothing about sport.

I'm English, but I've lived in Fort Worth, TX for 4 years now. Anyone who's lived in Texas for any length of time knows they're nuts about sport. The sports I like (Cricket, rugby, tennis to a lesser extent) aren't really pushed in Texas (if you think Texas is into tennis, name me one world class tennis player (other than Zina Garrison) who comes from here), so I started to take an interest in American Football and Baseball.

Beyond the fact that the Mavericks have got a lot better since Mark Cuban bought them, that you can score 1, 2 or 3 points, and that there are 5 starters on a team and that they play for 48 minutes, however, I know nothing about Basketball and I don't think Texas cares much about the college game either, Texas Western are the only national champions from the state.

I was talking to some friends about basketball before "March Madness" started and as a joke, they suggested a bunch of us enter "mock brackets" on the ESPN website. I did, but assumed I wouldn't do well because I tended to pick teams who I was vaguely familiar with from watching college sports on the television. After I filled the bracket in, I forgot all about it, assuming I'd do badly.

I got a call from a friend today and he told me to look at the ESPN league we'd all joined. Not only did I come second in that league (out of 25 people who entered), but I came in the top 7% of people who had entered the ESPN poll across the country. Either people really don't know anything about sport ot they over thought it, because I was guessing most o the time and I beat 19 out of every 20 people who entered (give or take).
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