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I'm not sure I understand Texas

I moved to Fort Worth 3 years ago from the UK and I'm still not sure that I understand Texas all that much. Don't get me wrong, Texans are nice people. They are friendly but in a way that drives me nuts.

I think it ties in to the whole religion thing to be honest. I'm a 'good catholic,' in as much as I go to church on Sundays and all that, so it's not that I'm irreligious per se. In England, religion is a forgiving thing and yet here I seem to be treading on egg shells trying to avoid getting into rows with people who see things in black and white terms and leave no room for nuance.

In England I don't know anyone who doesn't believe in evolution and there isn't an argument over a woman's right to chose and the whole 'gay thing' is a non-issue. I went back to the UK last week for my sister's wedding to her partner (they're gay and have been living together for 10yrs). I was telling someone who I thought of as a friend about it and he wisely informed me that they're going to hell if they have sex.

Firstly I don't get the 'if they have sex' thing. What'll happen if they don't? Is God going to say 'Golly I didn't think of that' and let it slide? If you'd seen these 2 you'd've agreed with me that you've never seen 2 more in love people after 10yrs (and that include straight people). And if you're going to be biblically literal about it, isn't it the being in love bit that's wrong?

Secondly, my sister had led a somewhat depressing life before she met her partner. She was using drugs and had a strange mixture of anorexia and bulimia. Inside 3 months of meeting her partner, she was off the drugs and had gained 5lbs and I think that this was entirely due to her partner. When someone says to be that they think homosexuality is a sin, I want them to explain to me how a 22 year old who is slowly killing herself is any better.

So at the moment I'm feeling sort of irritated with Texas.

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