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I've been thinking about America.

Have you ever had one of those discussions where you found yourself thing "I wish I'd said..." afterwards. Well I had one of those discussions with a fellow interviewee today.

It happened while we were at lunch. his guy was complaining about Social Security and a bunch of similar measures that are aimed at helping the least well off in society. Now I'm from England and the fact that some Americans don't see it as a moral responsibility to help out those that are worse off than you is something that I've always found problematic since I moved here. This isn't helped by the fact that Americans are more religious than Europeans and I've always felt that people were looking down their noses at me because I'm not very religious.

I wish I had come up with some beautiful argument that summed up what I just said but the best I could come up with was the fact that it might help you if you ever lost your job (or income or whatever) for a prolonged period of time. That I didn't just about irritates the pants off me.
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