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Day 6: Twenty-Nine Palms to Los Angeles.

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to Texas drivers. I've complained a lot about them because they tend not to indicate when they change lanes, which means you're guessing if they're going to move.

I've always said that Texas drivers were the worst, but I take that back. Los Angeles drivers a worse. When I was taught to drive, they taught me not to drive right up close to the person in front. Los Angelans (sp?) don't indicate, change lanes whenever they feel like it, and seem to view any space as an invitation to swap lanes and dive in front of you. I have to wonder what sort of driving instruction they had here.

I've been driving longer than I've not been driving now and it's the only time since I first passed my test that I switched off my radio to be sure I was able to concentrate on the road. So not a fun experience.

I'll be spending a few days there till I take my little sharabang to San Francisco. Hopefully they're saner drivers there.
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