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I went to see "The Invisible."

I went to see "the Invisible" today. As a film, it's sort of a mix of Ghost and Brick (a brilliant film from last year).

There are two types of people that I get infuriated with. Drug users just irritate me. I understand that pot isn't necessarily a "heavy drug" but I can't see anything that it does that can't be done by drink and the right attitude. If this is coupled with the fact that a number of pot users seem to end up using it regularly while claiming it isn't addictive, the thought of it just irritates the shoot out of me as it were.

The other type of person that irritates me are those people who so nihilistic that you wonder if they see any hope for the future (and act in response to this view). The key people in this film have that attitude. A young lady has a really crappy home life and so treats the world like crap (which results in her beating a guy half to death). The guy she assaults is disconnected from the world before the assault and needs to come back as a sort of "living ghost" (and haunt his assaulter) to realize that he needs to reconnect differently with the world after the death of his father. His mother needs to fear he is dead to reconnect with her son.

That whole premise for the film just irritates the heck out of me. I spent a considerable amount of time thinking "Ok, we get it, so change how you see the world." So blah, I was a little pissed through much of this film.

Life sucks some of the folks it'll only improve if you bring a positive (and determined) mental attitude to it.
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