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I went to see "Bug" today.

I went to see the Ashley Judd film "Bug" today. Ashley Judd's usually good value and was part of the reason why I went to see this film. Her presence in the film told me that this wasn't going to be a "gross out" horror film but might be something more psychological.

In the film, Judd plays a beaten wife who hooks up with a guy who's just left the army. After "being together," they seem to have been bitten by bugs that are slowly driving them insane. The question then becomes "Were they really bitten or are they just going off the deep end without any help?"

I didn't like the film for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I always think of Judd as sensible and reliable" in the roles she plays. So seeing her play someone who smokes pot and snorts coke just wasn't believable. Secondly the film just wasn't scary. People were laughing as they were leaving saying that it was more laughable than anything and that's always a bad sign.
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