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I went to see "Pirates of the Caribean" today.

I took Iona to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" today and gosh darn, that film was a mess. I think we were expecting buckles to be swashed (and it did on occasions), but in between it took a long time to move between set pieces (with a real mess of a story).

I had a bunch of "issues" with the film. Firstly, Depp's character was killed off in the second film, and they took a long time to bring him. Secondly, the story was stupid. The British Navy wants to clean up the high seas and in response the "pirate council" meets to decide what to do.

Now if you've noticed, that took me one line to say, but that part of the film took over 90 (indirect and tangential) minutes to act it out, so if anyone say the film wasn't a mess, you're wrong.

My third "issue" with the film was that Depp didn't have enough screen time. He's the main reason people are going to see it, so I thought that they should make the most of him.

So all in all a bad movie.
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