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I finished "John Adams" by David McCullough

I finished the David McCullough book about America's second president, John Adams. It wasn't a bad book. In fact I found the whole bit about the history surrounding 1776 very interesting but I found one thing confusing.

Adams comes across a competent organizer and the sort of person who would make a good Vice-President (he'll get things sorted). But I don't really understand how he became President. He was short and round. He was a knowledgeable speaker but wasn't someone who could "sway the room." He didn't have war experience and only seemed to be the person who kept things things ticking alone in Philadelphia.

So how did he become President? He seemed to be the recipient of an "Anyone but Jefferson" campaign. I'm not sure if I find this depressing or not. I mean 8 years after America is formed, politics is involved so blah.
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