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Don't go to the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta.

I've all but finished my road trip and the worst weather we had was saved for today. It bucketed down all morning in Atlanta.

I went to the Coca-Cola museum in downtown Atlanta. I really didn't like the place. It wasn't really a museum but a 90 minute sales pitch about how wonderful coke is. Don't get me wrong, I like the stuff, but the place reminded me of those places that try and sell you timeshare apartments you don't want in places you don't like at times you can't use. I really didn't like the place.

It was all "The customer's really the secret ingredient" and "Aren't we clever for keeping it secret for so long?", which grated after a while.

The Aquarium was better, but was pricey and probably not as good as the place I visited in California that the author of The Grapes of Wrath wrote about. The translucent tunnels you walk through weren't as good for one thing. I think the book was called Cannery Row but I can't be sure and the author's name has gone completely (I want to call him John Buchan but I know that's really really wrong).
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