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I finished "Native Tongue" by Carl Hiaasen today.

I finished "Native Tongue" by Carl Hiaasen today. In this book, a suitably suspicious theme park owner in Florida who models his park after Disney (in a knock-off-cum-wannabe sort of a way) decides to branch out into those condo development that focus on golf courses (or marinas or the like), only to have environmentalists get in his way and attempt to do him down.

Hiaasen's books are sort of "comic mysteries" that focus on the environmental damage that people do to Florida (which is a sentence I don't think I'd ever thought I'd write 5yrs ago), and they're cleverly structured and written. I don't think you can read too many in quick succession though because you start developing compassion fatigue about the environment pretty quickly (and his tendency to bash stereotypes like crooked politicians doesn't help).
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