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I finished "Messiah" by Boris Starling today.

I finished "Messiah" by Boris Starling today and I really don't know what to think of the book. It should probably seem as another object lesson in not reading things out of order or seeing the tv show before you read the book.

In this book, a serial killer decides to kill people in the manner that the apostles who shared their name were killer. As result, a Simon is cut in half, a Peter (I think, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) is crucified upside down and so on. In short then it's a pretty creepy book and probably not for those among us who get easily upset or have a vivid imagination.

The problem for me was that I read Starling's second book a few years ago and that book pretty much gave the plot of this book away (in general terms). It probably wasn't helped by the fact that they made the book into a television show in England and with the story like it is here, I wasn't likely to forget what happened in the show (incidentally Ken Stot, unsurprisingly played the "beer sodden cop" leading the investigation -anyone who knows him knows that he's got that area of the acting market sewn up here).

So all in all I don't know what to think but part of me was left feeling underwhelmed by the book.
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